Past Events

Entrepreneurs Series

Read More 18/Apr/2018

Annual General Meeting and Networking 2018

Read More 16/Apr/2018

Abu Dhabi Ports and KIZAD Update: Explore, Expand, Evolve

Read More 21/Mar/2018

AICD Breakfast: Major disrupters for global businesses

Read More 19/Mar/2018

Members Networking Evening

Read More 07/Mar/2018

Western Australia Premier Business Lunch

Read More 28/Feb/2018

Emirates Cabin Crew Training Event

Read More 06/Feb/2018

Australia Day Dinner

Read More 26/Jan/2018

Inter Business Council Networking

Read More 22/Jan/2018

Networking with Austrade Minister 18 January 2018

Read More 18/Jan/2018

Active Networking, Indoor Cycling

Read More 17/Jan/2018

Young Professionals Networking

Read More 09/Jan/2018

Christmas Networking 2017

Read More 12/Dec/2017

Entrepreneur Series: The challenges of doing business in Dubai

Read More 06/Dec/2017

Womens Business Breakfast: Up the Ladder in a Skirt

Read More 21/Nov/2017

CEO Insight Series, flydubai 19 Nov 2017

Read More 19/Nov/2017

Dubai Fitness Challenge with the ABCD and Gulf Rugby Academy

Read More 18/Nov/2017

Entrepreneurs Series: Are You Investor Ready, November 2017

Read More 13/Nov/2017

2017 Emirates Melbourne Cup Breakfast

Read More 07/Nov/2017

CEO Insight Series - Nakheel

Read More 26/Oct/2017

Property Investment Debate - Dubai or Offshore

Read More 03/Oct/2017

Womens Business Breakfast

Read More 02/Oct/2017

AFL Grand Final Breakfast 2017

Read More 30/Sep/2017

Arab Business And Social Etiquette

Read More 20/Sep/2017

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Strategies

Read More 14/Sep/2017

Understanding Wills in the UAE

Read More 12/Sep/2017

Young Professionals Networking

Read More 06/Sep/2017

Summer Networking

Read More 23/Aug/2017

Joint Councils Summer Networking for Young Professionals and Interns

Read More 02/Aug/2017

Summer Networking

Read More 11/Jul/2017

Joint Business Council EXPO2020 Overview

Read More 14/Jun/2017

ABCD & Australian Embassy Iftar SOLD OUT

Read More 13/Jun/2017

Inter Business Council Cultural Iftar

Read More 07/Jun/2017

How to Save Money on your Currency Exchange this Summer

Read More 07/Jun/2017

International Business Program Networking

Read More 31/May/2017

Quiz Night

Read More 24/May/2017

Trump What to Expect Next

Read More 15/May/2017

Speed Networking

Read More 09/May/2017

Knowledge Workshop Understanding KSA

Read More 03/May/2017

Dubai Smart City - From Vision to Reality

Read More 27/Apr/2017

ANZAC Day Dawn Service Breakfast

Read More 25/Apr/2017

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