Australia Day Ball

24/01/2020 - 24/01/2020
19:30 - 23:30
W Dubai - The Palm

Dear ABCD Members and Community,

We are confronted by the devastating Bushfires being fought across every state in Australia. These fires have taken loved ones, decimated Australia’s wildlife, and destroyed communities at unprecedented levels.

We have watched in horror as flames have created their own weather systems, tearing through bushland, across rural and regional property, through coastal reserves, and creeping ever closer to suburban areas. Such is the scale of this disaster that it has touched nearly every Australian.

We feel for those who have had no Christmas, no New Year, and will probably have no Australia Day as they struggle to save their homes or piece together what is left. We thank the ongoing efforts of the professional and volunteer emergency service men and women who have worked with little rest since the first fires began in September.

The devastation is palpable, and, like most Australians, we don’t feel like celebrating. We want to direct our energies into finding ways in which we can help those affected by the fires. The ABCD has decided to postpone the Australia Day Ball and is working with Australians, Australians in business and Government Agencies in the UAE to explore available ways we can assist those affected.

You should remain aware of the various laws governing fundraising activities in Dubai and across the UAE which have been implemented to ensure transparency, integrity and legitimacy of charitable collections.

Also, sadly there are news reports from Australia warning against fraudulent bushfire appeals and caution should be exercised.

We will be setting up a page on the website with links to information and news regarding the fires and we will keep you informed about activities to bring us together as a community. We are hoping to bring you something soon. 

We continue to hope for rain and an end to the bushfires.

The ABCD team


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