AICD: Australia 2020 & Beyond

11:00 - 12:00


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Australia 2020 & Beyond: Economic Update & Outlook 

Hear from Australian Institute of Company Director's Chief Economist Mark Thirlwell as he discusses the economic landscape and outlook for Australia with Ellecia Saffron, Founder and MD with MAYSAFFRON

Topics Covered Include:

  • Looking through COVID-19 to the Australian economy – what do the next twelve months look like?
  • Where is the immediate impact on the economy? Will there be delayed impacts in other sectors?
  • What about globally ? Which countries are most likely to recover faster economically? How will this affect Australia?
  • How long will we be in recession for and what levers do we have to pull to relieve this?
  • In previous recessions how long have they lasted and what were the unexpected shocks or impacts?  
  • What major stimulus initiatives have been announced and how do they effect the economy?

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