Australian Expats & Covid-19: Updates and Q&A

23/04/2020 - 23/04/2020
19:30 - 21:00

Australian Expats and Covid-19:
Financial Implications Update + Q&A


Following on from last month's live webinar in our series dealing with the topic of the Corona Virus pandemic and what Australian expats need to be aware of when managing their financial affairs in this difficult time the second session will focus on a brief update allowing for an extensive Q&A session. 

Updates on the below topics:

  • Issues that Australian expats need to be aware of with Australian property
  • Managing your superannuation as an expat
  • Does being stuck in Australia affect your tax residency?
  • Investing in Australia as an expat

The webinar will take place on Thursday the 23rd of April at the following local times so get your questions ready!

Dubai – 7:30pm

  • Singapore – 11:30pm
  • Paris – 5:30pm
  • London – 4:30pm
  • New York – 11:30am
  • Los Angeles – 8:30am

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