Australian Property Update

10:00 - 11:00



Australia has been doing remarkably well meeting the challenges of keeping the Covid 19 contagion controlled. however, despite the best efforts of the various stimulus packages the aftermath is likely to result in a negative period for the Australian economy (much like the rest of the world).

So what does that mean for Australian Property?

Given the recent restrictions around viewings and auctions in some States, the proposed changes to stamp duty and regulatory amendments for landlords, plus various other factors that impact this sector such as employment and population growth we have invited the team from SMATS, Australian Property to run us through the market. 

State updates, clearance rates, property prices, units vs houses and much more. If you are a home owner, investor, landlord, or you are looking to repatriate to Australia sooner than planned - this webinar is for you. 

We look forward to welcoming you on
10am - 11am, Monday 8th June



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