Blockchain and Crypto Currencies Breakfast Session

08:00 - 10:00
Members Only AED 136.50
The Oberoi Business Bay

Join members and guests for a breakfast session where you will hear a panel of experts share their insights on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Topic: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies – Business friends or foes?

The ongoing rise of both blockchain and cryptocurrencies as contemporary business and investment tools requires further investigation and understanding.

Are they friend or foe? Are they the latest flash in the pan or super nova moment? Can they assist professionals to succeed in business strategy and leadership?

This panel session led by Paul Drum FCPA will explain:

  • what blockchain is,
  • how it works,
  • its purported benefits,
  • who is using it around the world and how, and
  • whether it has far-reaching, long-term promise.

The session will also consider cryptocurrencies, and how are they expected to impact the role of the modern accounting or finance professional. While Bitcoin is the most famous digital currency asset, it is but one example of more than 3,000 currently.

The panel will explore the potential financial reporting, regulatory, and tax implications for both business and investors.


Paul Drum FCPA, Head of Policy, CPA Australia

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Paul has over 35 years’ experience in the tax, accounting and business policy arena - principally in Australia - but also in other key CPA markets including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, and most recently the Middle East.

As Head of Policy at CPA Australia, his portfolio covers areas as diverse as external reporting, audit and assurance, environmental and social governance, taxation, business policy, retirement savings and education.

His role incudes representation and advocacy activities to governments and key government agencies.

Paul is a Fellow of CPA Australia, and a Chartered Tax Adviser.

Paul is also CPA Australia’s leading speaker on accounting and business policy issues in the Australian media.


James Bernard Director of Sales, DMCC.

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In this role James is responsible for leading the development of DMCC Free Zone in Dubai which has attracted over 15,000 companies to the central Dubai location.

James leads the DMCC Blockchain Innovation Group and was one of the founding members of Dubai’s Global Blockchain Council.

Lee McMahon Co-Founder and Principal of Support Legal

As Co-Founder & Principal of Support Legal, Lee heads a new legal services platform for entrepreneurs and emerging companies that is leading the innovation of the legal sector in the Middle East & Africa region.

Having gained both blue chip commercial and top tier private practice experience across five continents, including as a General Counsel, Lee identified just how innovation and technology could revolutionise the legal industry for all involved. He is an avid advocate of embracing new technologies in order to help companies achieve their goals.

Muhammed Arafath, Executive Director, APLA. 

Muhammed works with emerging technologies to deliver a system of innovation, service and success. A graduate from Southern Cross University, Australia certified with Salesforce and IBM Blockchain for Developer, he has had the opportunity to work with diverse verticals, industries and international markets.

Working with public and private organizations to help them adopt blockchain technology, his work seeks to understand emerging technologies and consult organizations delivering disruptive and innovative client projects. He is exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence, blockchains and the internet of things.  He can help organisations with digital transformation strategies and outline the architecture to open new revenue streams and reduce operational frictions.


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