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Newsletter 09/2019

A Message from Team Australia | Ms Anna Fedeles


Dear all,

It’s my first time addressing you all, but also my last, as I say good bye to Dubai and the three years I have spent here as Deputy-Consul General and Trade Commissioner. I have sat as ex-officio on a number of ABCD boards, and I have always been impressed by the enthusiasm and dedication the board members put into their roles. The first question the team consistently asks is whether any opportunity they take up will add value to ABCD members.

The UAE has evolved a great deal since I arrived at the end of 2016. There has been a very clear shift in narrative towards the value of education and food security, and the introduction of technology and digital services. It’s no mistake that one of the largest cohort of Australian education institutions outside Australia is in Dubai. It’s also exciting to see the UAE and other Middle Eastern markets look to Australia to share skills and capability around food production and processing. And it’s no secret the eternal Dubai quest for the next bright, shiny thing now encompasses AI, robotics and blockchain, where Australia is a recognised world leader across multiple industries including digital healthcare. 

I have taken great pleasure showing Australian Ministers and senior government officials how innovative the UAE - and the Australian companies that operate here - can be, a positive counterweight when the Middle East is often not well understood in Australia. That’s why I believe Dubai Expo 2020 creates a huge opportunity for Australians in the UAE, to create dialogues with senior business and government visitors and to promote the opportunities in our region to Aussies back home. It’s the chance to demonstrate to them why you came here, why you stayed here, and why you continue to use the UAE to do business with the rest of the region.

Austrade is doubling down our efforts to support you and other Australian business around Expo. Mounir Sankary, a former Trade Commissioner in Abu Dhabi, is returning to the UAE in September to lead our Expo business program, based in the Dubai Consulate. My replacement, John Cavanagh, will also arrive in September. Some of you may already know John from his time spent working in the Australian Embassy in Abu Dhabi. Please reach out to them both and share your knowledge and experience as they rebuild their networks in the Australian business community.

As I say goodbye, I would like to thank many of you for your friendship and support while my family and I lived here. Working in Dubai was a wonderful experience and I will remain an advocate of the Australian business community in the UAE as I take the next steps in my career.

Shukran wa ma al salamah

Anna Fedeles
Deputy Consul-General and Trade & Investment Commissioner, Dubai

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