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Newsletter 09/2019

The John Dory from Dubai and Beyond | World Land Speed Record in UAE?


World Land Speed Record Challenger Eyes the UAE for Historic Run 

There is a good chance that you have never heard of Rosco McGlashan OAM and the Aussie Invader Project, but that is about to change – and quickly!  Rosco holds the current title as the world’s “fastest Australian” and has achieved a speed of 638mph in his car, Aussie Invader III.  Years later, the land speed record was bumped up to 763mph by British driver Andy Green and this record has remained unchallenged for 22 years.

But the Aussie’s can’t resist a good fight!  So when the speed gauntlet was thrown down, Rosco accepted the challenge and build a totally new World Land Speed Record car that would not only topple the record speed but bump it up to an incredible 1,000mph!  Don’t blink – because this will all happen in around 20 seconds.

The 16m mighty Aussie Invader 5R is gearing up for it’s supersonic run.  What makes this car so powerful?  It’s rocket engine, of course.  Ok, well, that should get peoples’ attention!  And that is exactly what Rosco wants.

Fast-forward to Dubai: Trish Bischoff is responsible to bring this project to the UAE, and when asked about the connection between a rocket car and the UAE, she just smiles and starts with the old joke, “well, a pilot walks into a bar…” and that is how it started.  Trish is an A380 Captain based here in Dubai and last year on a Perth layover she walked into the lobby bar one evening looking for a glass of something.  Trish got much more than she bargained for.

The bar was empty, except for 2 men (team members) sitting at the end of the bar who were discussing the properties of rocket fuel and pressures that would be required to fuel a rocket engine.   A conversation struck up and they shared the details of the Aussie Invader project and how Rosco had designs to set a new World Land Speed Record in the UAE… but knew nobody that lived there.  Bingo!

So Rosco and the Aussie Invader Project are planning to come to Dubai in the hopes of securing the government endorsement and the sponsors that are required to set a new and historic World Land Speed Record in the UAE. 

November is the official “International Unveiling” of Aussie Invader 5R at the Dubai International Motor Show, followed by the Dubai Airshow where Rosco will rub elbows with the aerospace industry and display the innovative rocket engine technology – a rocket in a horizontal configuration.

The push for sponsors is on!  Let’s bring this Australian project to Dubai and your brand can be associated with high performance, innovation, and a new World Land Speed Record.  Find out more info at or drop them a line at trish@aussieinvader if you are interested in hopping on for the ride of your life.

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