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Newsletter 11/2019

A Message from The ABCD Board | Krysta Fox


Dear ABCD Community,

I hope you are enjoying this part of the year as much as I am. It's terribly predictable to start with the weather - but isn't it lovely right now?

Christmas in Dubai means Santa's grotto, glittering Christmas trees in the malls and festive music - a role model of cultural and religious inclusiveness as we move from Eid to Diwali to Christmas. In my view nothing can beat coming along to the Christmas brunch at Brunchology on the perfect day for Bad Santa to make an appearance - Friday 13th! It’s going to be loads of fun and a great opportunity to network and bond with new people.

On another note, November 27th brings you the chance to farewell our current Australian Ambassador H.E. Arthur Spyrou. Arthur has performed his role as Ambassador admirably, but I want to talk about something else. His leadership and personal impact. The measure of a great leader is how others talk about them when they're not around! I have had enough conversations with different people who interact with Arthur to know that he is a leader with integrity, humility and kindness. While I have only briefly met Britt Spyrou I discovered she is not only accomplished in her own right, but also generous in sharing the lessons she has learnt in her work with agriculture projects in Africa. I encourage you to warmly farewell the Spyrou family and show them that the Australian community is grateful and proud that they have represented us over these past four years.

Have you ever faced a situation at work or school or home, where you discover there's a goal you want to fulfill and you go straight into "What new thing do I need?" to make that happen. In work I would often assume the solution was a new software system away, only to discover that the existing system has the functionality I needed, and I just hadn't noticed or checked closely enough. Are you still with me here? I think membership of business councils can be a bit like that. Often the very thing we need is right there for the taking but we haven't made the time to leverage it. So, if its networking, knowledge, entertainment or connection you are looking for, then jump onto the website now and come along to an event. Put yourself out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to ten new people. Why not?

On a closing note I want to acknowledge the impressive work of the ABCD Board and management team. As a new board member, I have been welcomed with open arms into a board that is well organised, inclusive, hardworking and is a credit to all who have contributed to make it so. A role model for the corporate world.

I look forward to catching up with you at one of our events soon. 

Warmest wishes,

Krysta Fox

ABCD Board Member

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