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Newsletter 11/2019

Meet our Members | Nightlife


What or Who is Nightlife Music?

It’s a full-circle success story that all started in 1989, when Mark Brownlee and Tim de Souza, two schoolmates, both engineers who loved music, invented a video jukebox so they could play the music they wanted when they went out.

Just as crowdDJ® does now.

The pair took over one bedroom of a share house to build and design the video jukebox from scratch and in 30 years have grown from employing 5 people to a 120 strong workforce with a strong ethical focus on respecting the rightful owners of the music.

Still a wholly owned and Australian based-business, Nightlife has evolved and thrived through every incarnation of technology and is scaling globally at speed across New Zealand, Asia, the UK and beyond with international clients and brands able to access Nightlife’s music and content from anywhere.

So what exactly is crowdDJ®?

It’s a free mobile app or interactive in-venue kiosk that lets your customers pick their favourite music from your Nightlife playlist.

A partnership with Spotify means your customers can also pick songs from their own playlists that match your venue’s soundtrack, making crowdDJ® the perfect bridge between their home and your venue.

Nightlife is providing the sound track for the Australian Pavilion at Expo 2020 and you get your first chance to experience the magic of Nightlife at the ABCD Australia Day Ball on January 24th, so keep an eye out for updates on how you can be involved in selecting the playlist!



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