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Newsletter 11/2019

Meet our Members | Modelcraft


Over the past 30 years Modelcraft has been called upon by clients all over the world to assist them when they needed to present their products and services. We have several divisions in four countries, working across a range of services to achieve the goal of what has now become the Modelcraft Group – namely to provide our clients with a solution that we ourselves would want if we were them.

When we arrived in the Middle East about 15 years ago the core business of Modelcraft was, what we would call, Real Estate Marketing collaterals, including Architectural models, renders, animations, interactive displays and complete Sales Suites or Centres. These offerings still form one of the pillars of our business offerings, accounting directly for around 15% of our business in the current year. Additionally, the high level relationships established both through tendering and execution of real estate projects have directly lead to the establishment, and success, of our other non-core business streams, which are:

  • Project launch events (at Royal Family level)
  • Corporate Events
  • Festivals
  • Museum and Experience Centre design and fitout
  • Museum and Experience Centre operations

Fortunately, these business sectors are currently experiencing significant growth in both the UAE and KSA, being driven in one by the EXPO 2020 and 50th Anniversary celebrations, and in the other by the three pillars forming the VISION 2030 initiative. With the ongoing support by the government for these sectors it’s certainly a good place for us to be.

When the Australian EXPO team asked for our support we were more than happy to give it. In each international market we entered the team from Austrade were always ready to assist and it was nice to be able to send some love back their way…well at least in their general direction!

We are proud to have been able to provide what will be the most visible symbol of the Australian EXPO 2020 Pavilion for the next several months, and a useful and photogenic tool for the upcoming launch events they have planned.

Our people are our strength and we hand pick the team in each location to ensure that every aspect of your project is managed professionally. We have experts available in the technical and artistic requirements needed for your project… from project planning, through design, procurement, fabrication and implementation – we have you in safe hands.


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