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Newsletter 11/2019

Meet our Members | Jane Wellington



My name is Jane Wellington and I am originally from South Australia. I have lived in Dubai for over 4 years and since my arrival here my husband and I have loved exploring the old and new parts of this special city. I wanted to share this with other visitors in a way that was more personal and (as I am a fully qualified tour guide) I now run an owner-operated tour guide business called MDO Tours, which stands for My Day Out! 

We’re all about discovering the delights of Dubai (or Abu Dhabi) in a day, creating new experiences, tasting wonderful food, shopping and showing visitors the hidden gems they wouldn’t otherwise experience.

I tailor tours for each visitor or group to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, based on their needs, interests and the time they have available during their stay. This allows us to stop at our leisure and spend more time visiting things that each person loves to see and do.

I am also happy to show family and friends around when they come to visit, as I know it can get hectic juggling sightseeing in and around work and other committments. I pride myself on providing a unique experience for our clients by exploring these magnificent cities together, meeting new people and having fun along the way.

I provide full day & half day tours, company tours, school excursions, Dubai Culture Through the Camera photographic walking tours, and Mums Day Out tours planned around school times. Each tour is flexible and personal, including pick up and drop off from specified location. I also love sharing tips on great restaurants to try and other things to do if my clients are staying in town a bit longer or want to explore a bit more at their leisure.  

I'm happy to have a chat so please don't hesitate to contact me on or +971 55 474 6830

Hope to see you at an ABCD event soon, 


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