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Newsletter 02/2020

A Message from The ABCD Board | Grant Bateman - Treasurer


Dear ABCD community, 

If you are like the ABCD you are probably wondering what happened to January and February is all but over…

The beginning of the year was absorbed by the remarkable weather events that have impacted Australia, to such an extent that it captured the world’s attention. 

I cannot write this without mentioning the Bushfire events that were so devastating to Australia and Australians. While the fires are finally out, with the substantial rains that have fallen in recent weeks, the recovery will take time. We, as a community in Dubai and the UAE, were incredibly grateful for the assistance and strong messages of support given by the UAE and all the people who call this country home. The UAE Government’s creation of the Emirates Red Crescent #mateshelpmates appeal and the Emirates Nature | WWF platform on YallaGive provided the opportunity for the UAE community to contribute to the recovery efforts in Australia. The uptake was extraordinary, from schools and venues across Dubai to Emirates Airline, the people of the UAE came out in droves to show their support and donate. The messages on the Burj Khalifa was a significant moment for many and will stay will Australians here, and around the world, as a symbol of the UAE’s generosity and the strong friendship that both our countries share. We hope that this support contributes to get our countrymen back on their feet as soon as possible.

As we look forward to the rest of 2020 there is one thing on most people’s minds and that is the World Expo that will open its doors on October 20th this year.  ABCD members were fortunate to have a tour of the site in January, followed by a twilight networking reception at Reform Social where we could get up close to the model of the Australian Pavilion and hear from the Commissioner General Expo 2020, Justin McGowan. It is worth noting that over 150M AUD worth of work has been won by Australian companies, independent of the Australian Pavilion, which is testament to Australian ingenuity, innovation and the Australian work ethic. 

The Back 2 Business theme of this newsletter is designed to re-focus us on the opportunities that this year will bring. In addition to Expo 2020, there was Gulfood last week followed by many other events across the region including the MENA Mining conference and the G20 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia later this year. 

The recent COVID 19 corona virus outbreak highlights the importance of diversity in export markets and for Australia, the Gulf represents a significant commercial opportunity for business, given its location and focus on innovation. We hope to see many more Australian products, services, technology and innovation looking towards the Middle East now and into the future. 

Prior to last night's Annual General Meeting, the ABCD leadership held a strategy session with all board members coming together to discuss and plan for 2020 and beyond. We have some exciting things on the horizon that we hope will add even more value to our members and support the wider community both here in Dubai, across the region and back to Australia. We have some incredible events lined up this month including an Inter-Council Women and Leadership Seminar & Networking Morning on Wednesday, March 4th. We are also supporting UAE National Sports Day with a Marina walk followed by G'Day Cafe hosted at Bistro des Arts. The Countdown Ball that was postponed in January due to the Bushfires will now take place on Friday, June 12th, as we Countdown to Summer and Expo2020! We often say to our members that the best way to maximise your membership is to come along to our events as you never know who you will meet.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for 2020 and hope you join us at our many events during the year.


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