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Newsletter 02/2020

Meet our Members | RAKBANK's RAKvalue


With the aim of addressing the financial needs of SMEs in the UAE, RAKBANK has embarked on a journey that focuses on enhancing its business customers’ experience by extending access to instant solutions that cater to SMEs’ various needs when running their day-to-day operations. This solution is titled RAKvalue through which Business Banking customers can access numerous perks and benefits in just a few simple clicks. 

Through RAKvalue, Business Banking customers can take advantage of the multiple benefits on offer that match their specific business needs and requirements such as cash management services, cloud based accounting softwares that are linked to their digital accounts, business insurance, merchant payment solutions, collections, remittances and more, all at competitive rates.   

Recently, the Bank introduced RAKvalue’s Cash Management Services that focus on convenience and ease of handling financial obligations as swiftly and seamlessly as possible. This RAKvalue solution encompasses services such as cash and cheque pick up straight from a customer’s doorstep, cheque scanning facilities at their premises and an exceptional savings plan with a wide range of banking benefits like free Wages Protection System, payments through the Bank’s digital banking platform, free remittances, as well as preferential exchange rates.  

Similarly, the Bank’s RAKvalue SME package includes several benefits at extremely competitive rates. When subscribing to this package, RAKBANK’s business customers can enjoy a suite of innovative solutions including a Federal Tax Authority (FTA) compliant cloud based accounting package that is directly connected to their RAKBANK digital banking account, free business insurance in order to renew their business’s trade license, preferential rates on mobile point of sales solution and plenty of banking benefits. 

“We regard SMEs and businesses as key growth drivers for the local and regional economy, and despite their greater susceptibility to economic challenges, RAKBANK is firmly committed to supporting this segment and helping it grow,” said Dhiraj Kunwar, RAKBANK’s Managing Director of Business Banking. “Our vision at RAKBANK is to create an ecosystem for our Business Banking customers with the right tools in the form of products, services and technological advancements within the financial industry that makes running their business simpler, better and smarter,” he added. 

At RAKBANK, our objective is to assist businesses in reaching their full potential through the right financing solutions and services that the Bank makes readily available. If you have any inquiries about our Business Banking solutions, services and products, please write to us on 

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