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Newsletter 02/2020

Member News | DAFZA & Halal Trade & Marketing Centre


DAFZA and the Halal Trade and Marketing Centre

The Halal market is growing so fast. It’s a business niche composed of 1.6 billion people and 57 Muslim-majority countries, and valued at more than 2 trillion dollars. This fact has not gone unnoticed by Dubai, which has been promoting and developing initiatives for years to position Dubai as the main reference point for the Islamic Economy.

The Halal Trade and Marketing Centre (HTMC) is a global business development center focused on the Halal economy opportunities for the industry, which includes manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers of Halal products and services. It’s a global value proposition to boost the Halal trade worldwide and enable companies to grow to the next level of their Halal journey.

Hosted at the Dubai Airport Free Zone, it was cofounded by the Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) and the Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre (DIEDC) and it’s substantially supported by the key services partners across the Halal economy ecosystem.

HTMC was formulated to fulfill an identified gap of enabling Halal industry companies to grow in the Halal space. It aims to provide a platform to link Halal economy companies to core Halal trade and marketing services. HTMC offers services in three key areas:

  • Marketing intelligence, where the Centre provides companies with market insights and access to business support databases, helping them to identify trends and opportunities for their products in this fast-growing market.
  • Halal Compliance, which includes certification advisory services and training programs to assist companies to better understand the international Halal requirements to enter new markets and be successful.
  • Growth Support, where the Centre supports firms to find distributors, importers, retailers for their Halal products as well as access to Sharia financing products.

HTMC is providing these tailor-made services through the power of their services partners. The Centre has partners from different sectors and countries, including trade promotion agencies, Halal accreditation bodies, specialist research advisory firms, Halal training firms, local and international public institutions, Islamic banks among others.

Welcome to HTMC. Your one-stop shop in Dubai for your global Halal needs.

The Halal Trade and Marketing Centre Dubai Airport Free Zone – Building 8E
Phone: +971 4 701 7000
Manager: Mr. Tomás Guerrero


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