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Newsletter 05/2020

Editorial | Welcome to the John Dory!



Thinking back to the last edition we don't think anyone could have envisaged the events of the last few months... Covid 19 has touched every part of our lives but as we emerge from the global tsunami of change it is inevitable that things will never be the same again. While predictions swing from V to U to who knows what other letter type of recovery one thing can be relied upon: We are looking at a New Normal

The optimistic view, the one we subscribe to, is that we all have an ability to shape, define and create exactly what that new normal means for us as individuals and as businesses. So as we look ahead we invite you to be part of the conversations, seek value from opportunities when they arise and look forward, even if that is only a week at a time...
This journey is different for everyone and depends on a multitude of factors; if you can help a colleague or support a local business through ordering direct, buying online or even paying it forward; we encourage you to do so.


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