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Newsletter 09/2020

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Covid-19 and Atlas Wealth Management

The Covid-19 pandemic has generated a multitude of obstacles for businesses and Atlas Wealth Management is no different. However, the issues we dealt with did not relate to us but more so our commercial partners who weren’t digitally savvy.

For the last 10 years Atlas Wealth Management has had the privilege of providing Australian expat tax financial advice to expats in over 30 years and the only way we have been able to achieve this is by being digitally focused. From our client communications to operating systems it was imperative that we were location agnostic.

The pandemic has been a great test of our systems and procedures and whilst there is always improvements to be made as soon as we instigated our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) the only difference that our clients noticed was that the back ground from our video calls went from being in the office to our homes.

The one lesson that we did learn was how digitally native our commercial partners were. There were always statements made that they too prepared for the worst however it wasn’t until the world came to a stop in April that we were able to ascertain who was true to their word and who had just been paying lip service to us after all these years.

With an office in Dubai and Australia we rely on our ability to manage and process information internally in real time and this can only be achieved with a digital mindset.

Going forward the next hurdle will be from a legislation and tax reform framework. With the pandemic costing the Australian government AUD$1 billion every week Canberra is going to need to build a roadmap of how to dig the Australian economy out of this situation.

This roadmap will feature large projects and infrastructure spending to create jobs but there will also be tax reform to accompany this. Our job will be to interpret these reforms, determine whether there are any repercussions for Australian expats and if there are, what needs to be done to mitigate the risks.

Brett Evans 
Managing Director – EMEA
Atlas Wealth Management (DIFC) Limited
M: +971 526 371 274 |

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