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Newsletter 09/2020

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Digital Transformation through the Pandemic 

While many aspects of our current way of life, such as remote working and virtual meetings, have been possible for quite some time, only few had adopted them until the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has truly accelerated the process of digital transformation across almost every aspect of life. It has pushed businesses to become more innovative and has kick-started a wave of digital transformations for organisations around the globe.

DMCC has always adopted a digital-first agenda, with technology being a key driver of our decision-making process. We have successfully managed to stay ahead of the curve by establishing a robust digital infrastructure and the widespread digitisation of services, including initiatives such as the Smart District strategy, providing business services digitally, and rolling out 5G across our Jumeirah Lakes Towers community. Earlier in the year, we also signed an MoU with Swiss Government-supported Crypto Valley in Davos, which will bring the world’s leading blockchain and cryptographic technologies’ ecosystem to Dubai.

As such, DMCC was among the first wave of businesses to implement a remote working policy while ensuring operations continued with no interruption. The same applied to all our Free Zone services given that everything is now 100% paperless and company set up is fully digital, providing smart solutions that allows member companies to access a wide range of business services from any device, anytime and anywhere. Additionally, we have taken all our promotional activities and educational webinars online, and our flagship Made for Trade Live roadshow has also gone virtual and we have had very successful events across the globe. Internally, we were more connected than ever before, and have hosted a series of virtual townhalls that have enabled us to ensure our workforce remains informed but more importantly engaged.

As a result of our digital technology adoption and in line with the Smart Dubai 2021, we were able to maintain the majority of our operations and in turn, closely support the business community of over 17,500 companies that call DMCC home. Our flagship thought leadership report, the Future of Trade, has consistently emphasised the positive impact of digitisation on global trade. The ability to leverage digital technology and innovation has become a must for any business looking to survive and succeed – presenting unprecedented growth opportunities for companies around the world, even during a global pandemic.

Our way of living and working has fundamentally changed, and while we strive to return to normality, some of the new transformations are here to stay. The past few months have confirmed what we have been seeing and saying for some time – the future is digital. Businesses who are able to see the opportunities that lie beyond the challenge are the ones who are able to move forward and succeed.

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