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Newsletter 09/2020

Meet our Members | Sanji Caldera Associates


Becoming a practitioner of Australian immigration law is certainly not for the faint-hearted. The industry of Australian immigration is by nature extremely volatile and even more so due to recent events. The primary reason for this is due to the extensive political influence and policy changes with more recently the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic that link migration closely to the needs of the Australian domestic labor market.

In most countries, travel bans have been put in place quickly to prevent importing new COVID-19 cases with the exception of a few countries, and in most cases nationals and long-term residents have been able to come back home; Australia imposed a quarantine period of 14 days at the port of entry, made a number of exceptions to the travel bans for cross border workers, seasonal workers and health professionals.

In terms of migration management with borders being closed and immigration services disrupted, Australia may have long lasting effects on the socio-economic integration of immigrants. Nevertheless, the Government has taken measures to support its residents through these critical times with the introduction of Cash Flow Boosts, Job Keeper Payments, Early access to Superannuation etc enabling Businesses significantly affected by the COVID-19 to retain their employees and continue their practice.

The team at Sanji Caldera Associates (SCA) are extensively focused on analyzing the current effects on migration. We are amongst the first in private practice to successfully utilize prescriptive and predictive data analytics to obtain insights. The analytics that we acquire are used to identify market trends; gain insights and perspective on the socioeconomic drivers that impact migration; and, most importantly, to forecast strategies on how best we can adjust to any major impacts due to the pandemic.

Sanji A. Caldera - Managing Director and Principal Migration Consultant (Sanji Caldera Associates) - a senior consultant with over 20 years experience in Australian immigration law and practice along with his team in UAE are very committed in developing innovative solutions to solve socio-economic problems as well as their acumen within the realms entrepreneurship.

For more insights and information on Australian immigration, visit Sanji Calderand subscribe to our newsletter.

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