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Newsletter 12/2020

Meet our Members | SHYFT


Introducing SHYFT

Shyft is a delivery tech start-up based in Dubai. The business launched earlier this year with the initial focus on luggage storage and a bag drop service for the tourism sector. However, like many businesses this year, the unfortunate timing of the global pandemic and worldwide lockdown meant the start-up had to quickly 'shift' (excuse the pun) their focus and adapt their offering to a service that the community needed more. 

During a time when people were mostly home-bound, offering door-to-door reliable deliveries was a natural progression. Since March 2020, Shyft Deliveries has grown from strength to strength; the founders quickly decided that the deliveries sector was a branch of the company they wished to explore as part of a long-term strategy. 

Despite still being in the early stages, part of Shyft’s mission is to bring more compassion and empathy to the delivery sector in Dubai and the wider community in the UAE. Today, Shyft is an Emirates Post registered courier company offering next day, same day and on demand delivery services within Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman. 

The responsiveness of Shyft has seen a significant uptake from the entrepreneur and small business sectors, seeking a reliable, efficient and professional service that they can offer their clients, without restrictive (and potentially expensive) contractual obligations. Matthias Mayr from The Green Haven relies on Shyft because the staff have always been friendly and very supportive. “My goods are taken care of in a professional and safe manner during delivery. They always go the extra mile to satisfy us and my customers.”

Shyft is delighted to be joining the ABCD community and as a welcome gift fellow ABCD members can now avail of a 30% discount on their bookings. Simply head to and place a pickup and delivery service request using the promo code ABCD30 and Shyft will do the rest! In addition, Shyft is pleased to offer preferential delivery rates for ABCD corporates and SME's, so it is worth reaching out to see what they can do for you and your business. 

For more info, contact us via mail on

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