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Newsletter 12/2020

The John Dory from Dubai and Beyond | Give the Gift of Sight this Christmas


The Fred Hollows Foundation

Give the Gift of Sight this Christmas

Our member, The Fred Hollows Foundation, has seen many heart-breaking examples of avoidable blindness, but Thol was one of the most devastating. What's incredible is how fast her life turned around.

Thol was living with her four children in Cambodia. When she was pregnant, she developed cataract blindness in both eyes. Her husband abandoned her – he didn’t want a wife who was blind.

 $25 can restore sight to mothers. Help us today do more.  

With four children to support, Thol found herself alone and reliant on her children for her food and care. She spent her days isolated in their makeshift home. Thol lived a mere 10 minutes away from the nearest hospital - but there was no eye surgeon. Luckily, a young surgeon who was trained with the support of The Foundation was able to travel to her town. 

Before her operation, the family were facing tough circumstances. Her three eldest children couldn’t go to school and spent their days fishing or collecting and selling bags of rubbish. Life is cruel for many children, but the shocking part of this situation is how easily it could be changed.

Thol had spent years in misery and her children bore the brunt of her blindness. But with a 15 minute operation, their situation was reversed. As the surgeon removed Thol’s patches, her children waited in tense hope. Would they get their mother back?

They had their answer when Thol opened her eyes. She took her youngest baby’s face in her hands and saw him for the first time. “He’s fat!” she exclaimed. 

These days, she’s selling vegetables and her older children are going to school. They don’t have to fight for their survival and can be kids again.

Please donate today so The Foundation can reach more mothers like Thol with sight restoring surgery. 

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tl_files/ABCD Newsletters/John Dory 202012/FHF_JD3_web.jpgNote: The fundraising appeal is approved by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD). License permit number: 3355 

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