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Newsletter 12/2020

Editorial | Welcome to the John Dory!


It is the end of what has been a mixed bag of a year... there were plenty of moments when I am sure we all cast our eye to the skies and sighed (or screamed) WHY! But there have also been moments that made us smile, laugh and celebrate a virtual high five. Rather than 2020 being the year of pandemic and pivot - I like to think it was the year of FOCUS. With the enforced pause of our somewhat frenetic day-to-day lives, we actually had time, and some space, to focus.

We focused on family and community, we focused on what we needed to do within and for our businesses and we focused on our people, helping out where we could and supporting as much as possible. As we look forward to a brighter 2021, travel, commerce and of course Expo2020 (it will be an incredible moment for Dubai and the region); it is my sincere hope that we retain some of that focus.

As the Australian Business Council has done for the past 26 years, we will continue to support our members and the community, build on brand Australia in the region and endeavour to develop and strengthen those connections that result in enduring partnerships. 

Wishing you all a safe and happy end to the year. 

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