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Newsletter 02/2021

Editorial | Welcome to this issue of the John Dory


Dear ABCD Members and Community, 

While 2021 hasn't necessarily started in the way we hoped there are things to be positive about, although I can appreciate that to find a positive position can be challenging at times.

At the ABCD we are committed to an optimistic outlook for 2021, we don’t expect it will be a straightforward journey as we navigate out of the pandemic, but we are confident that we are moving forward, and the small (or large) milestones deserve to be celebrated.

For example, the commitment of the UAE to their vaccination programme is second to none. Not just in terms of their own population but also their commitment to leading the Vaccine Logistics Alliance, formed to expedite global distribution of COVID-19 vaccines through Dubai to developing countries.

We hope you and yours remain safe and well and you enjoy reading the first John Dory of 2021!

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