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Newsletter 07/2020

A Message from The ABCD Board | Adam Malouf


Dear ABCD members, stakeholders and partners,

In these times of constant change and uncertainty, it goes without saying that myself and my fellow ABCD board members sincerely hope that you and your families are safe and well.

June has been a month of positive change for Dubai, with many decisions taken at governmental level in terms of gradually relaxing restrictions that have been in place for some time for the sake of public health and safety due to COVID-19. This has resulted in many sectors within the economy being able to recommence operations, albeit at a slower pace than normal, and this is starting to provide a moderate impact in terms of economic activity.

By the beginning of July, most sectors had opened up, and even the education space, at K-12 level, now has a series of health and safety protocols and procedures that have been promulgated by the regulator, which provides an insight into how a typical school day will look come the start of the new academic year in September. Furthermore, Dubai’s pre-eminency in the global economy as a transit, tourist and logistics hub is making a comeback, with residents and citizens now able to move in and out of the UAE (subject to protocols in the UAE and in destination markets), and tourists – the lifeblood of Dubai’s economy – have been welcomed back with open arms.

Daily working life continues to be largely remote, but there have been moves to migrate back to the physical office in certain sectors, particularly the public sector. Previous normality in this regard may return for some, but others will experience a paradigm shift in the way they work, and the UAE Government is leading the way in this regard, announcing that 50% of government service centres will be converted to digital platforms within 2 years, and appointing a minister specifically to oversee remote working strategies.

In all of this, the ABCD continues to play a vital role in promoting and advocating the interests of our members, and our continued involvement in the Multi-Nation Business Continuity Taskforce, particularly during these challenging times, will ensure that issues and opportunities alike are appropriately elevated.

Our series of online engagements continues in earnest, with a virtual sleuth game to be hosted by Gates Hospitality and an opportunity to hear from Australian Ambassadors based in the GCC, North Africa region, Jordan, and Turkey on the economic, political, and regulatory changes in the region during these unprecedented times alongside our partners  Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI). 

As always, our door (albeit virtual at the moment) remains well and truly open, and if there is anything that me or my fellow board members can do to assist, please do not hesitate to reach out at:

Best regards,
Adam Malouf, FAICD
ABCD Board Member – Trade and Investment

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