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Newsletter 07/2020

Meet our Members | Ed Smart


EdSmart is a School Organisation System (SOS) seeking to transform burdensome administrative tasks and digitise paper processes – such as excursion forms, enrolment forms, and medical forms – into seamless, elegant workflows. By moving traditional paper processes online, schools are able to save on operational costs, greatly reduce paper usage, track data and insights, and also ensure compliance in handling sensitive information.

Since 2014, Founders’ Fiona Boyd and David Eedle have believed there was a more efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly way to create a bridge between Learning Management and Student Management Systems. EdSmart also boasts a number of integrations with other online school systems, making the transition to digital processes and workflows smooth for all users. Additionally, EdSmart conducts regular webinars, where key staff discuss the best uses of the platform and offer tips and tricks for optimising capabilities. Broadcasts through EdSmart have reached record levels, as schools send alert messages and instructions to parents. The ability to add approvals and attachments has enabled EdSmart schools to keep all communication packaged succinctly and ensure authority.

“In light of recent events, the importance of emergency management has never been clearer,” said Fiona Boyd, CEO of EdSmart. “Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, countless schools have looked to EdSmart to communicate with their parents and students in a time of high stress and uncertainty. As part of the Coronavirus response, we have also developed a COVID-19 SOS Kit for Schools and hosted an emergency management webinar for providing up-to-date information to schools and extending further support during this time of crisis.”

EdSmart see the UAE, and indeed the region as a whole, as having a great deal of synergies with the education administration requirements in Australia. Existing links with many of the international schools based in the UAE, means it is not a difficult step to integrate EdSmart into existing UAE school systems. In the coming weeks EdSmart will roll out a series of communiques with International schools highlighting many of these synergies and also the opportunity to learn from these schools how they have adapted and what still needs to be done in reducing our reliance on complex and non-collaborative administration modules not normally prioritised within education technology systems.

Recent Announcement: Australia – June 2020 – EdSmart, was announced as the winner of EdTech Breakthrough Award’s “Education Administration Solution Provider of the Year” award in the second annual EdTech Breakthrough Awards program ( ).

“EdSmart is providing exciting new ways to digitise school administration, and the accessibility and organisation of student’s data in the one central location – in the cloud – have been praised by EdSmart schools, especially given schools are now functioning in a wider, remote learning environment,” said James Johnson, managing director, EdTech Breakthrough.

EdSmart is exclusively licensed to Six8nine Management Services a member of the Australian Business Council Dubai and can be contacted at or +61 488 998 220 ( ).


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