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Newsletter 09/2014

Member profile | Andarakis Advisory Services


What product/service does your company (or the company you work for) provide?

Andarakis Advisory Services is a boutique size consultancy that offers mainly marketing and management related services to clients across a wide range of industries. This typically includes brand strategy, marketing communication strategies, go to market plans, organization restructuring,resource planning and commercial strategies.

We are flexible in our work style but generally undertake project based work with a defined outcome and timeline, or retainer based engagements over an extended period with either part or full time “hands on” presence in our clients office.

How long has it been operating in UAE?

We have been operating for over 4 years.

How many employees does the company have?

Currently we have 7 full time employees with another 5 associate consultants who work regularly with us.

What were/are the early challenges in setting up this business in the UAE?

As with any start up one of the major challenges was establishing a presence in the market and building a strong client base. Having said that, the growth was quite rapid due to the profile and contacts of the founder, Alex Andarakis; new projects soon came in and the major challenge then was how to service them and grow the resources to cope.

In general, who are the clients/customers?

Whilst we have a strong emphasis on real estate such as mixed use developments, retail and hospitality, as well as the FMCG sector, we have also had clients in waste management, government services and food manufacturing. Our geographic spread is across the Middle East including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar and clients are both large and small scale privately owned and publicly listed companies and Government entities and ministeries.

Is there a new product/service you are particularly excited about?

We are currently entering a very exciting stage whereby we are expanding our existing in house graphic design and creative services into a stand alone creative and production agency to handle the growing need for add on creative services to the strategy work we do for existing clients.

We have just appointed a Creative Director and are seeking additional graphic designers to join our current team that includes a Production Manager.

Does the company have one location or several branches in the UAE/Middle East?

We have only one office base in Dubai, but the nature of our business means we are highly mobile and work from whatever location our clients require.

Is there a parent company in another country/countries?

We are wholly Dubai owned and based which is a great selling point, as it means we know the region and are committed to it from day one, not just an expansion of an overseas office that has moved here to take advantage of the market opportunities.

Who is working at the management level of this company?

The founder and CEO is Alex Andarakis, a long term well known senior executive in the GCC region and then there are three other Senior Directors and Partner.

What are the reasons behind this company's success in the UAE?

The company has three main selling points that have accounted for its success; a depth of understanding and experience within the local markets, extensive hands on experience within organisations (we understand the clients perspective and are not career consultants offering theoretical advise) and the fact that our team are all senior people so we don’t put junior people into our clients to do the day to day work.

Rob Kellner is a Senior Director at Andarakis Advisory Services and a member of the ABCD

Andarakis Advisory Services

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