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Newsletter 11/2014

Industry insights | Teams that play together stay together


In UK, work-related stress is reported as 40% of the reason why employees would call in sick and not report to work. The Stress Management Society reports that businesses can lose up to 1.24 million pounds a year due to work-related stress alone.

According to a survey commissioned by the Australian Psychological Society (APS), 3 in 4 Australians say workplace stress is affecting their health. Managers and company presidents should not take lightly the importance of allowing employees a de-stressing and motivating get together every once in a while. While some may mistakenly think of team building as an expense, this is actually sound investment towards your employees’ well-being and health.

Businesses Can Lose Because of Stress

While stress can actually impact employee performance and reduce profits for your company, your employees must still be compensated through their sick leave credits, even when they are absent. Taking time off from work gives your staff and colleagues some much needed rest and relaxation. Without any rest or sick days – worst case scenario – the stress could be too much to handle for your employees and may result in high turnover rates.

A business can lose not only money but also valuable skilled workers if work-related stress is not properly addressed. Of course, to deal with stress, your management team has to come up with new ideas to organize regular ways to build team morale. Team building days allow your employees – people who are experiencing the same kind of stress – to bond together and forget about the pressures of the workplace for a limited time.

It is also an opportunity to build camaraderie among your troops, nurture relationships and collaboration in your workplace, and boost morale across your departments and organization.

Characteristics of a Good Team-Building Workshop

You need to think deep when organizing a teambuilding workshop if you want to derive best results. You need to ensure that your team-building workshops meet these requirements:

- The event should take place in an environment conducive for relaxation. The office may already be considered stressful. Ideally, your team building should take place in an environment that is relaxing, comfortable, and free from distractions so that everyone can mentally take off their “battle jackets” and “defensive gear” and actually enjoy themselves. Even if you are organizing a teambuilding workshop within the office premises, you need to ensure that the location and time slot being used is not in conflict with work.

- It should encourage friendly competition. Competing with each other in a friendly manner will foster creativity and encourage cooperation between your team members, while creating a conducive environment for self-learning. The freedom to compete quite openly while being in a safe and positive environment allows for innate skillsets and talent to go on display.

- Activities and workshops should allow employees to release pent-up energies from stress. Physical activities and outdoor teambuilding will allow your employees to release pent up energy due to the need to concentrate on work, restricted movement and possibly a lack of physical exertion inside the office.

Regular team building workshops and get togethers ultimately have great returns for your business. Over-fatigued team members can be energized and any unspoken bone of contention can be uncovered in it’s infancy and resolved in a proactive manner. Team members who are strung together into a single cohesive unit can work together, be more productive, and be instrumental in steering your company, themselves and you to success.

Regularity in team building workshops ensures that your team feels cared for and has something to look forward to and work towards. More importantly the team is able to share common and more personal feel-good days, memories, and moments. In short, like a wise man once said, ‘A TEAM that PLAYS together STAYS together.’

Arnaz Ashraf

Director- Strategy & Design, brains at work and ABCD member

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