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Newsletter 11/2014

Chairman's Message | AGM, now it is your time to shine


Dear Members,

Towards the end of the year, with the nice weather finally here, we as the Committee are reflecting on what a big year it has been for the Council.

Looking back we feel that we have had a number of challenges over the last 12 months however one of the encouraging things to see is that the membership continues to grow each month. This time last year we had around 580 members, I am pleased to announce that in November we now have over 700 active members. In addition to this we have run some successful events but more importantly have listened to the membership on what types of events you are looking for via our annual survey.

Office Changes

As we continue to grow the Council we needed to restructure the office environment. I am pleased to announce that Justine Cullen has been promoted to Office Manager. The commitment Justine has shown the ABCD over the last two years she has been with us has been unquestionable and the support she has shown the committee has been invaluable. Well done Justine.

As part of this office change we have also lost one member of staff, Adina Cameron, to a full time position in the corporate world and I would like to thank Adina for her watchful eye over our accounts for the last 2 years. Given these two changes we have advertised for replacement staff and interviews have happened over the last few weeks. Watch this space for the confirmation of appointment for the accountant and membership position.

AGM, now is your time to shine

With the AGM coming up next month positions on the Committee are now open for application. We have had a number of people resign after a number of years of service to the Council and I would like to thank Raymi van der Spek in particular. Raymi has been on the committee for 5 years, two of which as Chairman. I would like to thank him for all his hard work, dedication and his contribution over this time.

In addition to this I would also like to thank Rebecca Kelly for her their help over the last year but due to work commitments she can no long devote the time to help on the committee. We wish her all the best.

tl_files/Debra's Graphics/June 2014/New Image.JPG

Lastly I will also be stepping down at this AGM, after over 6 years on the Committee, with the final 2 years being Chairman. I have really enjoyed helping the Council grow over this time and giving back to the Australian Expat community in this capacity. With the birth of our second daughter Aria Scarlett Holding in October time pressures at home have encouraged me to step down at this point in time and I am looking forward to the next challenges ahead in life.

The foundations have been set for future committees to take the ABCD to new heights with membership, events and helping members with their challenges they face with doing business here in the UAE. I am sure I will see you all at a future event soon and have a great run up to the end of the year.

With thanks,

Craig Holding

ABCD Chairman.

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