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Newsletter 12/2014

Member profile | brains at work


What product/service does your company (or the company you work for) provide?

brains at work has made its mission for many years now to help companies be successful. Whether you need assistance in experiential marketing & live communications via channels of conferences, meetings, events, corporate engagement or teambuilding, we can help you realize your objectives. brains at work can help you create, enable and rejuvenate your company or your brand. Today's market needs innovation more than ever, and with compelling communication ideas and tools designed specifically for your business, you will be able to achieve your brand marketing objectives, business goals and engage your team and clients in meaningful conversations, in the language everyone aspires to speak: success.

How long has brains at work been operating in UAE?

The company has been in operation since 2006 and has been moving from strength to strength over the years. The team together has over 60 years of rich combined experience in conference & meeting management, bespoke events, corporate engagement, teambuilding, hospitality, aviation, tourism & destination management.

How many employees does the company have?

With a core professional team of seven, we manage small to large projects by taking on additional team members as per the demand and scope of the project.

In general, who are the clients/customers?

We have a large number of corporate clients who are amongst the biggest companies in their respective fields across a range of industries such as Oil & Gas, FMCG, Food, Retail, Pharmaceutical and others. We have partnered with Unilever, Philip Morris, Pizza Hut, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Shell just to name a few. There is a real need for creative answers that individual companies need. We believe we are amongst the best, because of our ability to listen to what they need, and supply them with creative solutions that not only create a positive environment, but have radically impacted how they do business on a day-to-day level.

Is there a new product/service you are particularly excited about?

We are excited about our new successful brand MEETINGMECHANICS. MEETINGMECHANICS was conceptualized and created to give strategic direction to senior executives of top companies to completely change their game and experience on planning and organizing effective meetings, facilitate an environment of receptiveness, engagement and collaboration.

Does the company have one location or several branches in the UAE/Middle East?

We operate from our main office in Dubai while our strategic alliances and network transcends international boundaries.

Who is working at the management level of this company?

brains at work is the brainchild of Deen Ashraf - CEO, iMagining Director & Executive Coach, who is a successful entrepreneur, coach, facilitator, creative strategist, conceptualizer and experiential marketing specialist. Deen has over 20 + years professional experience in hospitality, experiential marketing, live communications, hotels, conferences & corporate engagement.

Deen is a devoted advocate of self-motivation; this acts as the key to entrepreneurial success and has creativity as its driver. This is why he founded brains at work; a creative consultancy with a difference. brains at work delivers highly-effective and innovative solutions to corporates allowing the creation of unforgettable personal experiences that drive a company's success.

Deen has always believed that the lessons life regularly teaches us, combined with self-reflection and a simple understanding of human psychology, offer us the potential to revolutionise our work and our lives. This insight led him to develop a new idea based on simple precepts that combine in what he calls 'Personalism'.

Personalism comes partly from his work as a practitioner of NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, partly from the inspiration of highly-creative people who have made a mark on history, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, and partly from his sincere belief that we need to seek to understand before being understood. This is basis for a very positive attitude and is a powerful tool for learning.

Deen believes in Personalism, which is a simple philosophy that demands constant awareness and attention to our connection with our surroundings and the people we interact with. It is the cornerstone to the goals we are trying to achieve and is no more or less than the passionate pursuit of our dreams. We can act or not; we can persevere or fall back; we can wake up from our slumbers to seize our dreams, take hold of the opportunities that life offers us—or else we can sleep the long sleep of failure. Deen chooses to wake, and take every idea, every creative thought, and run with each one, as success lies in their pursuit.

What are the reasons behind this company's success in the UAE?

What brains at work helps companies achieve is quite simply better value on your marketing spend. It seems that no matter how much you spend on your marketing budget, the returns you expect are never what they should be. To create and sustain an edge over your competition is never easy—especially when they are spending growing amounts of revenue in the same way.

Whether you are an established company, have new or existing brands, or are a start-up, your marketing budget is of prime concern, whether you have one or a million dollars. Through the application of our knowledge and experience to your particular marketing and business requirement, we help you expand your brand footprints in the market to increase market share, help your employees perform better and feel happier while they do it, and improve the loyalty of your customers.

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