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Newsletter 01/2015

Chairman's Message | 2015 off to a flying start


Dear Members,

Happy New Year, I hope you managed to find time with family and friends over the holidays.

If you are sensing a new energy in Dubai, perhaps it has something to do with the release of Dubai Strategic Plan (DSP) 2021 launched at the end of 2014. The DSP 2021 is a continuation for the success of DSP 2015, which was launched in 2007.  It is a framework that addresses issues and initiatives that will enable Dubai to lead the world for its quality of life and excellence in governance. There are 6 themes, each highlighting a group of strategic developmental aims for Dubai, and together forming the city’s vision for 2021.

The People: “City of happy, creative & empowered People”

The Society: “An inclusive & cohesive society”

The Experience: “The preferred place to live, work & visit”

The Place: “A smart & sustainable city”

The Economy: “A pivotal hub in the global economy”

The Government: “A pioneering and excellent government”

To read this vision, visit Dubai Plan 2021

2015 also brings a few changes to ABCD with a new committee being appointed at the 2014 AGM and I am delighted to take on the role as Chair. I look forward to working with everyone in this role and very thankful that the 2014 Chair (Craig Holding) and Vice Chair (Carl Dowling) left the health and wealth of the council in such a great state. 

We have 733 members, the highest in our history, along with a great team of sponsor; Emirates & Qantas, University of Wollongong Dubai, Victoria Government, Acuma, Crown Relocations, MMI and IP Global.

Our collaboration with Austrade and the Australian Embassy as well as our relationship with Dubai Chamber of Commerce all contribute towards ABCD being one of the respected business councils in Dubai. Naturally, without all of your support, such a strong and effective business council is not possible.

I, along with the new Vice Chair, Gina Johnson and the committee made up of Grant Bateman, Scott Butcher, Carl Dowling, Gerard Seeber, Tanya Rabah, David Rymer, Steven Speter, Peter Vanderwal and Rachel Wright, look forward to building on the council's past success and growth, and to contributing towards Australians working and doing business in the UAE.

Best wishes for a successful 2015,

Penny Couchman

Chair, ABCD

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