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Newsletter 01/2015

Member profile | CBD Consultancy


What product/service does your company (or the company you work for) provide?

CBD provides a secure nominee local partner/sponsor solution for foreign companies looking to set up on shore in the UAE. Using 20 years of legal and commercial experience, we performed extensive due diligence on our local partners, then formed a corporate entity under our strict management control so it can be used as the nominee shareholder giving the foreign investor(s) control of their business, security over their investment and protection of profits now and into the future.

Of course a large part of becoming a nominee shareholder is usually coupling it with helping the foreign investor set up their business, so we provide this service regularly for clients as well.

How long has it been operating in UAE?

CBD was formed at the start of 2014.

What were/are the early challenges in setting up this business in the UAE?

We spent an extensive amount of time performing our due diligence on the local partners we work with. It took over 6 months for us to feel comfortable with the first one we engaged with.

In general, who are the clients/customers?

Any foreign investor looking to have his or her own business in the UAE, this could be anyone from a start up entrepreneur to a Multinational, we cater for both. Our most popular service is the Corporate nominee shareholding service which is invaluable for anyone who requires a local shareholder in the UAE.

Does the company have one location or several branches in the UAE/Middle East?

We currently operate out of Dubai & Abu Dhabi. I personally have experience in Qatar as well which is on the horizon.

Who is working at the management level of this company?

Myself and my business partner Helen Barrett.

What are the reasons behind this company's success in the UAE?

Our business model is to help foreign investors understand the licencing environment as a whole. We do not advocate just on-shore companies or any particular Free trade zone. For this reason, having an unbiased approach, we are able to help more people especially with choosing the right jurisdiction to register a company.

Carl Dowling

Partner at CBD Consultancy and member of the ABCD

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