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Newsletter 09/2015

Face to Face with... | Pawan Bhagchandani


Please tell us a little about (your workplace/business)

I, along with my brother Ashish are Directors of a Bespoke tailoring house called Knights & Lords which is headquartered in London and has a flagship store located in JBR - The Walk, Dubai. We specialise in making bespoke custom tailored suits and bespoke shoes.

We both have been trained in Savile Row, London in the traditional craft of bespoke tailoring. Because of our background of being trained in Savile Row, we are one of the few tailors to have mastered the legendary "Drape Cut" method of suitmaking which was founded by Anderson & Sheppard in Savile Row.

We are also regular columnists in The Debonair magazine in which we write about bespoke tailoring and have also recently been featured in The Rake magazine alongside other Savile Row tailors. We strive to open peoples eye of bespoke through our craft of suit making.

What is your role at (your workplace/business)?

I am a Bespoke tailor and shoemaker. I deal with every client on a personal level when they wish to comission a bespoke suit or a bespoke pair of shoes over a 60 - 90 minute drafting session. During this session I guide the client through every possible option and customisation detail with regards to their bespoke item. I myself measure up the clients after which their suit is cut by me and handcrafted using age old bespoke methods.

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How long have you been working in the role and where were you working previously?

Knights & Lords is close to four and a half years old now. Before this i was working at Norton & Sons in Savile Row. I started there as an apprentice and worked my way up to the cutting board in about 4 years. After a year of being on the cutting board i got together with my brother who was in Davies & Son at the time and we started our own venture here in Dubai.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Apart from making sure that gentlemen are appropriately attired, what i personally enjoy the most is bringing out the personality of the person in the suit they commission from us. This is done by making sure the lining on the inside is as loud or as subtle as they themselves are as individuals, making sure the buttons or button thread color in the suit reflects the persons inner personality and many other such small details which get incorporated into the suit which makes sure that once that gentleman wears his suit, it becomes an externsion of his personality in a manner that he and the suit become one.

What is the most challenging and difficult aspect of your job?

70% of the people who come to Knights & Lords are not sure of what they are looking for. We have to carefully guide them over the course of conversation by understanding their personality and making sure the fabric, the styling options and the customisations they choose reflect their personality completely. The challenge lies in sometimes trying to change their opinion on something when we know they have made a wrong choice.

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What does a typical day at work look like?

A typical day at work is juggling between trial fittings for gentlemen's suits, drafting sessions with clients who wish to comission new suits and finally mapping and cutting the suits which have been commisssioned for that day.

How do you like to spend your leisure time?

Attending closed door events of the Signé Society Gentlemen's club, exchanging ideas of fine things in life with other gentlemen over a cigar and spending quality time with my family.

Do you have any general comments to make about living in Dubai?

Dubai is a place which makes everyone feel at home regardless of their cultural background. It provides a lifestyle which you can get easily used to. Just like you can tailor make your suits to your exact requirements, you can tailor make your life the way you want to live it here in Dubai.

What is the best piece of advice you could give new arrivals to the business world of Dubai?

Dubai is a place that is growing at a phenomenal level and you can grow with it and be part of a change. You can create history for the generations to come. Just do not get consumed by the glitz and glamour, be good at what you do and you shall definately leave a footprint behind.

Pawan Bhagchandani


Knights & Lords

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