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Newsletter 09/2015

Member profile | Total Elliptic Fitness Centre



* Please tell us a little about (your workplace/business)

TEC (Total Elliptic Fitness Centre) is a unique boutique fitness centre providing group Elliptical Machine classes with a combination of resistance bands that give you a high cardio workout with low impact on the body. The machines from Spain are not like regular Elliptical machines found in a gym. The Indoor Walkers can be adjusted to suit each individuals body type.. You work out in a fluid walking motion (nearly running) that does not jar the back or knees. Indoor walking as it was originally known is huge in Europe and has made its way to Australia, largely WA and Melbourne, Victoria.

We have many members in the mature age bracket some of whom have prior injuries such as back complaints and knee issues who don't like the normal gym environment but love our classes and can actually work out without pain. Each trainer has their own style and music they enjoy when giving the class so you never know what workout will be on until you go there. One day it could be Latino, the next could be Rock which the men enjoy.

At TEC we have morning and evening classes. Being a small Centre TEC has a warm and friendly environment and many members have made friends and enjoy meeting up outside of class. We are located in the Gloria Yassat Hotel on the 8th Floor Fitness Level and provide free water and workout towels. We have a new Aussie Trainer Tina Eglen who bursts with energy and gives us a fantastic work out!

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* What is your role at (your workplace/business)?

I am partner in the business and work as the Administration Manager for TEC and get to enjoy the perks of a fun work out at the same time!

* How long have you been working in the role and where were you working previously?

My partners and I officially took over TEC when it was going to close in May and have been on an amazing roller-coaster ride ever since. TEC is one of a kind in the Middle East. In a previous life (before kids) I have lived and worked in Australia, Japan and Singapore as a Japanese Translator and Tour Guide. In Singapore I worked for The Australian Tourist Commission and loved promoting Australia. If you had asked me 15 years ago never ever would I have thought to be owning a Fitness Centre in Dubai.

* What do you enjoy most about your job?

Im a people person and I love meeting the different people, watching them get fit and healthy through exercise and see what a difference it makes to their life. Im also lucky to be in a partnership with some amazing people who are close friends and we all complement each other with our different skills.

* What is the most challenging and difficult aspect of your job?

Making the members happy and motivating them to come and work out. We are providing a service but at the end of the day its up to the individual as to how much effort they are going to put in when exercising. to get results. On a personal level juggling my family consisting of husband and three daughters with work can be extremely challenging. Somehow we are surviving.

* What does a typical day at work look like?

Up at 6am, take the kids to school, off to the Fitness Centre, clean the Centre and machines, make sure there are free towels and water stocked as well as apples. Check who is booked in for class, and answer any emails. I work out at the Centre 3 times a week in the morning class at 8:15am.The rest of the day unless I have work commitments, is spent with the usual household duties as a mother. A couple of times a week I may have my turn at a night class Admin duty Starting at 6PM for the 6:45pm class but its never a late night and Im home after class by 8pm in time to see the kids to bed and catch up with my husband. Bed time is 9:30pm for me as I have extremely busy physical days and need my beauty sleep.

* How do you like to spend your leisure time?

Im an avid reader and I also love cooking and having friends over for dinner. We have just moved house so Im a big fan of Interior Decor and could spend hours drooling over home interior magazines or websites.

* Do you have any general comments to make about living in Dubai?

After having lived in other countries and Dubai since 2008 I recommend If you have children, stick to your morals and values and bring your children up how you would if living back in Australia. Embrace the culture of the UAE and don't just mix with friends who are of the same nationality but enjoy the melting pot we have here.

* What is the best piece of advice you could give new arrivals to the business world of Dubai?

Network as much as you can. Like anywhere Dubai can be expensive for marketing/advertising but word-of mouth and social media has helped us to expand our memberships with little cost. Setting up a business and the paperwork for a trade license can be extremely frustrating but is a necessity and you will succeed eventually.

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