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2016 Young Alumni Award

Mr. Aiham Alakhras

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Aiham Alakhras’ vision is to become a billionaire, but not in the traditional sense. He is working to positively affect the lives of a billion people through investing his recognised talent to champion smart cities and mentor and inspire others. 

Aiham showed great promise at a remarkably young age when he developed his first QBASIC program for an Abu Dhabi retailer at the age of twelve. He went on to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in computer engineering at the University of Sharjah. By the age of just 23, Aiham captured the attention of Fortune Global 500 technology giant Fujitsu while completing his UOWD Master of International Business. Joining the company in 2006 as Middle East Regional Service Manager, he spend ten years driving transformational change and innovation which included building the start-up division into a multimillion-dollar business and launching an innovative collect-and-return product repair service for its customers – a first in the region. 

Being promoted to Head of Services – Emerging Markets and alter on as Head of Business Development and Operations, his visionary leadership drove double-digit growth in revenue and profit. He also launched a regional business development program generating a multimillion-dollar sales pipeline.

Aiham plays a leading role in transforming future cities and is an internationally-recognised thought leader in the area of smart cities and the Internet of Things. Being a strong supporter of digital innovation in the UAE he launched Fujitsu’s Smart City Solutions across the region and provides strategic advice to advance and support the UAE government’s Smart City vision for Dubai.

Aiham joined Hewlett Packard Enterprises in 2016 as Sales Director – Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa where he continues to spearhead smart city solutions whilst also pursuing a master’s degree in the Rochester Institute of Technology’s ground-breaking City Science program.

Aiham is a visionary thinker and his thought leadership in advancing smart cities technology, both in Dubai and the region, has the potential to positively impact the way we all live, work and play in the future.

Profile provided by the UOWD Alumni Awards

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