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Newsletter 02/2017

Member News | Aussie Fruit & Veg now in the UAE


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Premium quality, seasonal Australian fruits and vegetables are available in select retail outlets in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) following the launch of the ‘Now! In Season’ horticulture campaign.

The launch of this new initiative, which was officially unveiled in Dubai during the Australia Day celebrations, is aimed at promoting Australian fresh fruits and vegetables at their peak quality and availability.

“Australia is renowned for being a producer of premium produce that is healthy, great-tasting and nutritious, but also backed by world-best food safety standards, traceability and quality assurance systems,” said John Butler, Victorian Government Commissioner to the Middle East, Africa and Turkey.

Now! In Season will highlight the finest seasonal fruit and vegetables in Spinneys and Waitrose stores and give consumers the opportunity to enjoy the best Australian produce on offer.

Throughout the year, the Now! In Season campaign will also educate consumers on seasonality, health and nutritional benefits and how to select and store the premium produce.

Juicy cherries and summer stone fruits such as plums, nectarines, apricots and peaches are available from now until March.

Grapes will be available from March to May, pears from April to June and apples from May to July. Citrus fruits such as oranges are available from August to October. Australian vegetables are available throughout the year due to national production.

Now! In Season is a strategic campaign developed in collaboration with government and industry.

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