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Newsletter 09/2017

Chairman's Message | Reflections on a busy summer


Dear Members,

I hope everyone enjoyed their Summer holidays and are settled back into the swing of things.  It was a very active summer for the ABCD this year, one could say it was the most active we have seen.  On average the ABCD had 55 attendees at each event held during July and August with a sizable addition of 70 new members to the Council.

I would like to welcome on board some of our new corporate members Bull&Roo, Ruud Lighting, Empire Limousine, Mohammed Al Darbashi Advocates & Legal Consultants and the Australian Expatriate Superannuation Fund to name but a few.

Just as our members were busy, so was the ABCD Office.  The team have been working tirelessly on our busy events schedule for the remainder of the year (and even now into early 2018). I hope to see some of you at our AFL Grand Final Breakfast at Barasti this coming Saturday. I would highly recommend looking through the upcoming events schedule and book in early. 

Additionally, a warm welcome two new members to the team Sarah Demenis and Silvia Carmo. Sarah is our new Membership Manager and comes from a membership background having worked for the CPA in Australia. She moved to Dubai with her husband and small children just over a year ago. Equally our new Finance Officer, Silvia, also hails from a networking background in Australia (looking after teachers) and  only just arrived in Dubai a few months ago. Both are settling in well and look forward to meeting you.

I am also delighted to share with you that the ABCD family has grown. Josien Wayne, who has been part of the ABCD Office team for the past few years, gave birth this month to a beautiful baby girl, Georgia. We send her all our congratulations.

Whilst networking during summer, I was surprised to hear that many of our members did not know about the AMBA initiative and the connectivity ABCD has with its associate councils in the region.  Formally entered into in 2016, AMBA (short for the Australian Business Group Middle East Association) is a collaboration between all Australian Business councils/groups in the Middle East with a specific focus on providing members of each organisation the ability to connect with each other and gain access to any events being held within the group.  If you are travelling throughout the gulf for work/opportunities, I highly recommend visiting the site and utilising the network/access the AMBA association has created (

This summer marked my own decade in Dubai and it would go without saying that this city changes, fast.  Just seeing the activity and growth in membership during this summer indicates that the city of Dubai is maturing and competition is getting tougher.

I hope to see you at some of our upcoming events and a successful end to Q3.

Carl Dowling

Chairman, Australian Business Council Dubai

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