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Newsletter 09/2017

Face to Face with... | Troy Gillham, Warrior Events


Please tell us a little about (your workplace/business)

Warrior Events is company focused solely on providing the most exciting, adrenaline pumping, action packed community sporting events, activations and facilities in the region.  Our mission is to engage the community in a fun and unique way that entices people to not only get out of their comfort zone to try something new but to also change their way of life to a healthier more pro-active one.  Our highly-motivated team has over 50 years combined experience, making us truly unique and the perfect partner for any of your adventurous needs. We are a homegrown company licensed and operating in Dubai with our flag ship event being the Desert Warrior Challenge, the region’s most adrenaline-fueled obstacle course.

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What is your role at (your workplace/business)?

I am the founder and Managing Director of Warrior Events.

How long have you been working in the role and where were you working previously?

The company was founded early 2014, since which I have been in the position of Managing Director. Prior to this I worked for a company that specialized in sporting facility management & setting up sporting academies and programs in the UAE.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I am very lucky, on a daily basis, I get to do what I am passionate about. Of course, there are tough days but they are all part of the challenge and are what encourage inner growth! One day I am developing a business strategy for engaging UAE youth through adventure sports, the next day I am pitching world class adrenaline rides and activations for the region’s leading development companies. Following that I’ll be on site sweating it out with the team, building an obstacle course for Desert Warrior challenge….. what’s not to love!

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What is the most challenging and difficult aspect of your job?

The downturn in the market over the last few years has meant that companies budgets are being slashed, particularly in the marketing department. This creates a great challenge for events as all events depend heavily on sponsorship to be viable and reduced marketing budgets equals reduced sponsorships.

What does a typical day at work look like?

My day to day life revolves around business development, solidifying partnerships as well as designing and planning events & activations with my team. I kick start the day with my gym sessions then typically go straight to my first meeting. Following that I will be in the office tackling the next challenge. It’s an exciting job and it is extremely rewarding to see the company progressing and growing in the way that it is. This certainly provides even more motivation to continue to ambitious and strive towards our goals.  

How do you like to spend your leisure time?

A little bit of everything! I hit the gym and box a couple of times a week, I kite surf, wakeboard, climb and pretty much do anything adventurous. Having said this, I always try to make time for relaxing with my partner and friends either on the beach or enjoying a meal at one of our favourite restaurants.  

Do you have any general comments to make about living in Dubai?

I came to Dubai on holiday to visit my family in 2006 and very quickly realized that this was going to be my new home. Dubai is a fantastic place to live with so much to offer and the exciting thing it is only getting better. I have lived here longer than I have lived anywhere else in the world and I am grateful for the opportunities it has created for me. There is nowhere quite like it!

Troy Gillham, Founder & Managing Director, Warrior Events and ABCD Member



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