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Newsletter 09/2017

Face to Face with... | Anita Yadav, Fixed Income, Emirates NBD


Please tell us a little about your workplace/business.

I am a wholesale banker, employed as Senior Director at Emirates NBD. Emirates NBD is the largest bank in Dubai and conducts banking and financial service activities. The Bank's business segments include corporate and institutional, retail, and private banking. Emirates NBD also offers treasury services and Islamic banking products.

What is your role at your workplace/business?

I currently manage the Fixed Income Research function for the bank. I and my team assess global and regional economic and market developments to construct opinions on fixed income products including global and local interest rates, bonds and sukuk. These opinions and trading strategies are used by a) banks internal strategy/finance teams as well as ALCO and risk committees and b) Local corporate clients; c) international institutional investors; d) regulators and sometimes even e) multinational organisations such as IIF/IMF. ENBD Research team is well known in the region with regular invites to speak at high level international conferences such as the IMF/World Bank annual meets and is actively sought by the local digital and print media.

How long have you been working in the role and where were you working previously? 

I have been in this role since mid-2014. Prior to this I ran the illiquid credit sales business for ANZ in Singapore. In that role I built up and led a team of credit analysts and  sales staff doing in-depth research in Asian corporate bonds and focused on finding value dislocation in investment grade, non-investment grade, distressed, defaulted bonds and loans. In 2012/2013, the team traded securities with notional value of over $5.6 billion.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The financial world has become even more volatile and unpredictable post the Financial Crisis of 2008 than in the earlier times. I derive satisfaction from being able to help our internal and external clients to make more informed investment decisions based on opinion that my team can generate from analysis of plethora of economic and market data.

Transparency and disclosure of information in the middle-east lags that what is available in the developed markets. Our ability to check the pulse on the ground and be a source of information and be the thought leaders for our international clients is very gratifying.

Beside plenty of travel opportunities to meet clients, I also enjoy better work life balance that we find in the middle-east compared with the work culture in the far east.

What is the most challenging and difficult aspect of your job?

Forecasting future trends is inherently risky, particularly in the globalized world where events occurring thousands of miles away can have significant impact on the local financial markets. The hardest part is to see our financial forecast losing traction which does happen sometimes.

What does a typical day at work look like?

My official day starts at 6.30am with half an hour of meditation and an hour of reading up on key economic and corporate developments around the world.  Time between 8 and 9am is spent sharing our opinion on these events with internal teams, clients (via update emails) and media (via regular Radio interviews ).  Rest of the day, until about 5pm, is spent on conducting research on topical themes in the market, writing research reports, visiting local and international clients, helping & mentoring internal team members and addressing media enquiries including print and TV interviews.

Beside my day job at the bank, I am also involved with several charity organisations and industry bodies – one of these is being on the Board of Australian Business Council, Dubai. I am also Vice-Chairperson of The Gulf Bond and Sukuk Association and also prime fund raiser for a not-for profit NGO in India called KADAM.  Contributing my services towards vision of these respective organisations gives me immense pleasure though takes up several evenings worth of time per month.

How do you like to spend your leisure time?

A good chunk of my out-of-office hours are spent on playing with and looking after my 10year old son. Most evenings I manage to fit in at least half an hour of physical exercise including walking, running, swimming or the Gym. Beside these two regular features in my day, my leisure time is filled by one of the three main activities a) I am a readoholic and enjoy reading everything from fiction to scriptures; b) I immensely enjoy playing chess whenever I can find a partner to play with and c) just social gathering over meals with friends and family.

My whole family enjoys travelling. Most long weekends and school holidays are spent on visiting family and friends far away and undertaking adventure holidays that can include anything from sky diving to driving across a continent.

Do you have any general comments to make about living in Dubai?

Initially I was very reluctant to move from Singapore to Dubai, however I have converted. I absolutely love Dubai now. Work life balance is good. Availability of domestic staff makes life comfortable and Dubai’s proximity to Europe and Africa feeds my travel bug. And of course the tax holiday is always welcome.

Anita Yadav, Head of Fixed Income Research, Emirates NBD

ABCD Board Member - Corporate

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