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Newsletter 09/2017

Member News | MLA flying the flag throughout the GCC


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Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) is a producer-owned company that provides marketing, research and development services for the Australian cattle, sheep and goat industries. Our office, located in the Dubai Airport Freezone, has recently undergone a number of changes in staff and we are looking forward to continuing our role of supporting the Australian Red Meat industry here in the Middle East and North Africa.

Dr. David Beatty has recently returned to Australia and Nick Meara has taken on the role of International Business Manager. Nick has been with MLA for almost 2 years and was previously working with the government in Abu Dhabi. Chef Tarek Ibrahim, our longest standing staff member here in Dubai, works tirelessly with local Hotel Groups to train their chefs in new ways of preparing Australian Beef and Lamb. Chef Tarek can also be seen promoting Aussie Beef and Lamb around various locations in the MENA region such as Supermarkets, large scale foodie events, and bespoke invitation only “Meat Master Classes”.

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Spencer Whitaker and Sam Gill have also recently joined MLA as Project Manager – Trade and Access and Business Development Manager respectively. Completing the team we have Charlotte Endres and Natalie Liot who provide office and administrative support.

Promoting the integrity and quality of red meat products out of Australia is an essential part of what the team here in Dubai do. Whilst supporting exporters to get their product into the market, we also spend a great deal of time working with supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants to show them the value of having such products available to consumers.

At every step of the way, MLA is assisting in ensuring the highest quality product for consumers. From research into crop development to disease eradication and management; setting the bar in regards to animal management and welfare; having world class quality systems in place for traceability of livestock; leading the way in product packaging to ensure the best possible product for consumers; and how best to prepare these products are just some aspects of the work that MLA does.

So the next time you are tucking into a lovely piece of Aussie Beef or Lamb, remember us and all of the hard work that has gone into getting that world class product onto your plate! 

MLA is a corporate member of the ABCD.

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