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Newsletter 09/2017

Member News | Bull&Roo appoint their Head of Coffee


A legend amongst men, Jamie Elfman was the original head barista of Tom&Serg brought to Dubai in 2013 to bully Dubai residents into accepting ‘The Melbourne way’ as the only way in the specialty coffee scene.

With more than 20 years of experience in Melbourne specialty coffee, Jamie began working in the coffee industry at the tender age of 20 years old (after seeing his Wing Chun Kung Fu career going way-ward) after a student of his presented him the opportunity to work behind the coffee machine.

After just 5 years at the age of 25, Jamie made the big move to the world’s number one city for coffee – Melbourne and the rest was history. Joining the best baristas in Australia, Jamie experienced firsthand the explosion of the specialty coffee industry and has since worked with some of the city’s best restaurants and cafes including Vue de Monde, St Ali, and everything in between. His time heading up the famous Sensory Lab was particularly valuable, as this was one of the first places to introduce specialty coffee to the wider public. 

Living by the philosophy of learning something from everyone he works with, Jamie believes making coffee is more than simply following a recipe and adds a personal touch into every cup he makes. This has allowed him to be instilled with an instinct for making coffee and most importantly, making it personable.

Bringing more than 20 years of experience in Melbourne specialty coffee, Jamie Elfman will be in charge of personally training and taking our baristas and roasters under his wing and ensuring every cup, bean and bag of freshly-roasted bag of coffee beans is of specialty gourmet standard. In addition, Jamie will also be sharing his wealth of knowledge with Dubai’s coffee community in a series of coffee classes (cupping, barista 101, latte art and more).

Determined to shake up the specialty coffee scene in Dubai...Jamie's brewing up some exciting new things in the roastery and boy, it's gonna be hot.

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