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Newsletter 10/2017

Member profile | David O'Brien & LucaZara


David is an Australian executive with decades of experience in Agri, Food, FMCG & International from Farming, Primary Processing, Manufacturing, Trading & Retailing. David has lived, worked & studied internationally (Asia, Europe, Africa & the Middle East) where he has successfully pioneered new and foreign markets with products & services in addition to inheriting businesses seeking corporate, cultural change and/ or improvement.

Following David’s tenure as the founding CEO of Abu Dhabi emirate’s agribusiness reform, he led the scale-up and roll-out of the largest and most advanced fresh food market in the Middle East. In 2014 David set-up his own company in Dubai, and consults in the Gulf to private clients and Government. David trades in agri commodities, livestock, fish, produce and represents companies and brands from Pink Lady®, Taste Australia, Novihum Technologies and more.

David is a Board Director & Advisor for a number of regional corporations. David holds under & post grad business qualifications. David is Dubai based and married with 2 children.

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