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Newsletter 10/2017

Austrade update | Reminder from the Australian Consulate


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Travelling overseas this winter?

Australians needing a replacement passport prior to Christmas and New Year or in early January 2018 should lodge their applications at the Australian Embassy or Consulate-General before the end of November 2017.

Once an application is lodged successfully your replacement passport will be available for collection within 3 weeks.

Remember that many countries do not allow entry with less than 6 months’ validity on the passport.  Don’t forget to check the expiry dates for every member of the family!

For information on applying for a passport, visit our website

For passport interview appointments:

In Abu Dhabi: Email or call 02 401 7500 (please leave a voicemail message if the line is busy).

In Dubai: Email or call 04 508 7100 (please leave a voicemail message if the line is busy).

The Australian Embassy recommends that all Australian citizens (including dual nationals) resident in the UAE keep their Australian travel documents current at all times. 

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