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Newsletter 05/2018

Member profile | Australian International School


AIS has enjoyed tremendous success providing quality education for 12 years years in Sharjah and soon to be in Dubai (September 2019). We are proud to provide a dynamic school that delivers the best of Australian education standards and teachers as well as high quality teaching of Arabic and Islamic studies.

AIS has established an outstanding reputation for excellence that attracts over 1400 students and their families. We provide an international and intercultural education that prepares students for the lives that they will live.

Staff and families have worked in partnership to consciously build strong traditions of:

 Quality

 Cultural respect and appreciative worldviews

 Maintaining a safe, supportive and disciplined school environment

 Integrated use of Educational Technology. We are a Google School.

 Innovative curriculum based on the perceived future needs of students

 Rich learning experiences and relationships which shape positive attitudes to lifelong learning

 Teacher professional development and research

Our curriculum, which is ranked amongst the highest in the world, is designed from the Early Years to Grade 12 with students following a clear and well planned pathway to tertiary education.

AIS prepares students for the future with the choice of an IB Diploma or the Australia Queensland Certificate of Education and our international student assessments consistently score in the top 10 of educational systems around the world.

Below is a photo of Reem Ahmed Ibrahim Rashed Alghumlasi, one of our AIS alumni giving a talk to one of our classes. Reem was completing her professional training at Emirates Aviation last year, and we wish her the best of luck with her future endeavours.

tl_files/ABCD Newsletters/Ramadan 2018/Reem AIS.jpg tl_files/ABCD Newsletters/Ramadan 2018/19029727_1477612708979924_6271600949991085043_no.jpgtl_files/ABCD Newsletters/Ramadan 2018/alumnni logo.jpg]

For more information, please contact us at



Instagram: @aissharjah

Twitter: @ais_sharjah

AIS is a member of the ABCD

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