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Newsletter 05/2018

Sponsors Updates | AACCI FDI Dubai 2018 trade mission




1. Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AACCI) is the recognized national peak membership based organization for promotion of the two-way trade, investment and relations between Australia and the MENA region. Internationally, AACCI is a member of the Union of Arab Chambers. AACCI’s internationally recognised status is highlighted by being an active member of the Union of Arab Chambers and the partner of choice for organising and hosting delegations in the Region i.e. UAE National Holdings Trade Mission in 2017 and the upcoming FDI Dubai Trade Mission in 2018.

Nationally, for and on behalf of its members AACCI collaborates with many prominent stakeholders from state governments, DFAT and Austrade, industry groups, corporate, business organisations, and Arab diplomatic missions to Australia and Arab Community organisations.

In Victoria, AACCI is the resident member of the International Chamber House and very proud of the strong relationship with Trade Victoria exemplified over the years by many successful collaborative initiatives to promote Victoria’ investment and trade opportunities for the benefit of the Victorian businesses and exporters.

2. FDI Dubai is the Dubai Investment Development Agency Dubai FDI, part of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, provides essential information and invaluable support to foreign businesses looking to invest in Dubai’s thriving economy and take advantage of its global strategic importance. FDI Dubai Mission will also involve the participation by the UAE Embassy in Canberra and the Consulate General in Melbourne. Typically, during the missions the FDI Dubai Delegation will seek to meet many senior executives of companies, municipalities and state governments who express some form of interest in knowing more about Dubai. The 2018 mission to Australia is focused on NSW and Victoria as key markets.

3. Dubai Snapshot - Dubai is well on its way to transforming itself into an innovation driven economy. The recently announced new Innovation Strategy generally aims to make Dubai the most innovative and creative city in the world through introduction of 10 major pillars supported by a number of initiatives that will expand cooperation between the public and private sectors, education sector, entrepreneurship and global networks in addition to Dubai’s citizens, residents and visitors.

The 10 major innovation pillars include inspiring leadership with innovative vision, innovative and integrated government, proactive private sector, qualified and informed citizens, environment that promotes creativity and teamwork, innovation is a public responsibility, positive energy that can overcome challenges, risk assessment and management, resources management and international network.

In terms of infrastructure development, the United Arab Emirates now ranks third in the Third Global Infrastructure Investment Index (2016) over taking Canada for the second year to rank among the three attractive markets in the world for infrastructure investment. Projects such as Dubai Expo 2020, theme parks including Universal Studios & Sony, shopping complexes, hotels and the Dubai Metro expansion are all culminating into world-class leisure facilities.


Innovation is a very key element to Dubai. The below sectors have been identified as the key sectors for growth and the Mission participants will speak about the many opportunities abounding in Dubai in several sectors of industry including:

1. Aerospace

2. Life Sciences

3. Food Security & Processing

4. Sustainability & Renewables

5. ICT & Smart Cities

6. Education

7. Professional Services

8. Commodities and Defence & Security

9. Tourism

10. Hospitality

The focus in each of the above sectors is on innovation, advanced research, new materials,

technologies and processes, which will be a guide for approaching Australian companies for

meetings and participation in the Mission’s program.

For more information, or to get involved in the program, please contact

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