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Newsletter 12/2018

Sponsors Updates | AICD International Scholarships Update


This year, the AICD launched the International Scholarships Program, offering scholarships to their International Company Directors Courses (ICDC) held in Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai, and our Fiji Directors Course held in Suva. They selected a range of recipients that were involved in their community and unable to undertake such governance training without financial support.

The AICD was proud to announce Ms Cheryl Thornton as the scholarship recipient for the Dubai International Company Directors Course that was held in October. AICD’s International Programs Executive, Anna McCea, followed up with the Cheryl, after completing their courses to learn about her experience and how the course has made a difference in her professional role and views on governance.

Cheryl Thornton AAICD is the Vice-Chair of e7 Daughters of the Emirates, Promise of a Generation (POAG). Her organisation is aimed at developing the next generation of female leaders in the UAE.

Over the next five years the group aim to grow membership across the region to 3000+ socially responsible women who mentor, support and learn from each other. As a relatively new organisation this course will help Cheryl to define the roles and responsibilities of the board and to establish a robust governance framework to ensure the longevity and success of the organisation.


Why did you apply for the scholarship?

CT: I’ve had this qualification on my ‘bucket list’ since joining AICD in 2013 but didn’t take any action until I assumed my first board role with a local NFP at the beginning of 2018. Given I would be self-funding for the course, I applied for the scholarship after identifying critical gaps in my director-level capabilities; specifically, in global governance. Having now completed the ICDC, I can testify first-hand this is a world-class program.

What was your biggest takeaway from the training?

CT: The ICDC is a game-changer course and has given me a very high baseline to confidently pursue a board career. Going forward there is greater potential to open doors for me to international board opportunities.

How do you plan to share your learnings from the course with the organisation/board/community that you serve/ work with?

CT: Through my board role [Vice-Chair of e7 Promise of a Generation], I can now give back to the UAE and wider regional community, which has been my second home for the past thirteen years.

How valuable were the connections you made? How did you find the networking experience?

CT: Each day the organisers rotated you to a different table with a diverse group of people. This was a great way to get to know the other participants especially through the case study discussions. In addition to the valuable connections I made, it was also an opportunity to spend five intensive days with a high-calibre cohort, and to collaborate and learn from such diverse and rich mix of board experience in the room. Some participants doing the course already sat on boards whilst others were aspiring directors.

What’s next on your governance journey?

CT: To get comfortable knowing your appetite for risk and that future risks are key elements of strategy formulation.


AICD 2019 Courses Guide is not available online, map out your professional development pathway that suits your current and future development needs with ease. Please visit the AICD Courses Guide for the latest updates.

For more information on the ICDC please contact:

Lauren Knight, International Members Executive, Education & International

Australian Institute of Company Directors


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