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Newsletter 04/2019

A Message from The ABCD Board | Carl Dowling


Dear Members,

I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to 2019.  Here at the ABCD we have been busy working on what will end up being a very big year of change for the council and the Australian Community.

So far this year (let’s not forget we are only four months in) we have held our Annual General Meeting which welcomed six new members to the ABCD board and passing several amendments to our constitution.  We have welcomed a new Operations Manager, Lisa Meli and a new Membership Manager, Nikki Irvine to the ABCD team. 

We have welcomed on board three new sponsors, RAK Bank, CBD Corporate Services, FedEx and another in the works (it’s a secret for now).  We have held 13 events with over five hundred guests in attendance.

We have just launched a digital membership card to make it easier to avail your member benefits in the UAE.  Thanks to Al Futtaim Dubai Festival City Mall we are currently giving away AED100 gift cards to members on their renewal to show our appreciation for your ongoing support. 

During Gulfood we held our first joint event with AACCI, which bought over twenty delegates from Australia together with our members.

We also just hosted our first Australian Pavilion Update ahead of Dubai Expo 2020, the first of our FedEx Entrepreneur Series and we hope to see you at the Australian Embassy and ABCD Joint Iftar celebration on May 14th at the Burj Al Arab. 

PHEW! But that is enough about what we have done, it isn’t as exciting as where we are going! For 25 years the ABCD has long been the central meeting point for Australians to network and do business.  With the recent changes to our constitution, we can now become more of a community for Australians looking to re-connect with their roots (watch this space!).

Before closing this update would not be complete without saying a huge thank you and farewell to Justine Cullen. In late February, after more than six years with the Council, we farewelled Justine from the ABCD team. Although she hasn’t gone too far, joining the Australian Pavilion Team for Expo 2020. 

Writing on behalf of what is a fantastic, engaged and passionate board, we want to say thank you to our members and sponsors, 2019 is going to be a fantastic year for the ABCD and the community at large. We look forward to connecting with you at some of our upcoming events. 

Carl Dowling
Chairman, ABCD

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