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Newsletter 04/2019

ABCD News | Welcome to the John Dory!


The John Dory is a tasty fish that bears the mythical thumbprint of St Peter and is to many Aussie's a favourite, however, it is also so much more!

Australian's have been known to use the odd bit of rhyming slang, and we at the ABCD like to have a bit of fun as we go about the serious business of connecting Australian's and Australian Business' to each other and the wider community.

We thought long and hard (okay, maybe not that hard) and we would like to introduce you to The John Dory / The Story!

We hope you enjoy reading about your fellow members, hearing about new offers from our partners and sponsors, getting the inside track from Team Australia plus the odd bit of fun from here and abroad.

With that in mind we hope you enjoy our first issue of the John Dory and as always we welcome any feedback you would like to share. 

All the best!

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