Profile And History Of ABCD

The Australian Business Council Dubai (ABCD) is a non-profit organisation with a broad objective: to provide a networking forum for all ABCD members to develop their business activities and to promote trade and other beneficial relationships between Australia and the region. Together, we continue to build an inclusive culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates the diverse voices of all members and attendees at ABCD-organised events. 

Australian Businesss in the Gulf (ABIG), was the was original name of the ABCD and was conceived in 1993 as an outcome of gathering together various Australian businessmen at informal lunches and networking events. The name was changed to the ABCD in May 2007. 

A significant increase in the Australian business community, coupled with an increasing demand for a wider range of networking opportunities and the need for an organisation to represent the needs and views of the Australian business community prompted the formation of a volunteer committee. The new committee met at an inaugural meeting on 31st August 1994. 

In the intervening years, ABCD grew from strength to strength with membership increasing each year. Membership is open to local branches of Australian companies, agents of Australian companies, companies or individuals who have business relationships with Australia, Australian citizens working in the Gulf, Alumni of Australian Universities in Dubai and Emirati companies.

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